Top Tips for Blogging in 2017

Blogging is easy – all you need to do is set up a blog and post on it. Becoming a successful blogger, on the other hand, is a different story altogether. In fact, the larger majority of people who try to make a living out of blogging fail within the first few months because they don’t understand what it takes to make a successful blogger. In 2017, when the field is as competitive as ever, you have to be extraordinary if you want to make any money. Here are some top tips to help you get ahead.


  • Be knowledgeable about your niche

The top bloggers are able to attract users because they know what they are talking about. They pick a niche, take time educating themselves about it and then share what they know with users. If you want to be a successful blogger you have to look like an expert in whatever topic you choose to blog about. It is more than getting information off a few websites – you have to read books, journals, newspapers, magazines and more so that you can offer users the kind of information that they cannot get anywhere else.


  • Be consistent

Blogging is about putting information out there in a consistent manner. If you are blogging part time you may not be able to do that. If you choose to be giving users a weekly post you have to do it every week at the same time. It shows that yu are committed and it also allows users to know what they can expect. If for any reason you are not able to put up a post in a timely manner you should let your users know why – they will be sympathetic and will not abandon your blog.


  • Don’t over-participate

The purpose of a blog is to get users to interact with each other. As much as you want your opinion out there you don’t want yours to be the only voice that they hear. Put out your blog post every week and then let the users pick it up amongst themselves. This is not to say that you should distance yourself from the discussion – quite the contrary. You should know what users are talking about. It helps you provide them with the kind of content that they are interested in. You should also avoid long posts unless they have vital content. Users have very short attention spans and if you make it a habit to put up long posts you will soon alienate them.


  • Become an avid reader

To paraphrase Steven King, if you don’t take the time to read you will not have the skills to write. Reading is key for anybody whose career involves putting out content. Read as widely as you can – it gives you ideas that you can use for your blog and it also keeps you interesting and relevant. If you read something that is particularly good you should share it with your users – users love it when they are given a good tip.


  • Talk to other bloggers

Other bloggers are important to your enterprise – they can point their users to your blog and you can do the same for them.

Lastly, never forget that blogging is hard work. Many people who try blogging and fail will tell you that they underestimated just how much work it takes to be a good blogger. Be prepared to be in front of a screen for a long time every day. You will need to do lots of research, come up with ideas, look for images and videos to accompany your posts and also write outstanding content.